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CROATIA - THE PEARL OF THE ADRIATIC - is located on the crossroads of  the central and Eastern Europe, on the beautiful Adriatic coast.  Croatia is known for its many islands and beaches.  It has been a part of Europe and a center of culture for at least 2,000 years.  The city of Zagreb is the country’s capital, and a center of arts and culture with its numerous museums and galleries.

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Fabulous inside. Upon arriving we weren’t sure if we should try but once I side it appears classic European with a friendly flair and just to fall in love with. The owner and the staff are super friendly, the food is amazing, try the platter it is worth it and a very good portion and even the espresso at the end made me smile, the whole experience was recommendable and we will go back many times, thank you
Tom H
Not only the best Croatian restaurant in town but one of the best restaurants in Toronto full stop. All of the meat was cooked to perfection. The sauces that came with it were a delicacy and everyone was super nice and friendly. A wonderful experience, made my week! Thank you!
Ines G
The needle in the hay stack for sure. If you're in the neighborhood, this place is a must to try out. They are open for lunch as well as dinner. I took the family there for dinner and was not disappointed by the least. The food was so tasty and fresh that the portions were just enough to satisfy even the hungry of us. This is the closest to home cooking. You're gonna get for sure! Don't just believe another post. Try it out for yourself. Lunch, you might be lucky bit for dine in dinner I would recommend reserving a table cause the place is small and fills fast.
Carmine M
We had my son's baptism here on Sunday. Food was homemade (the way my mom would prepare a Sunday feast). Family style portions, great service - staff are incredible, as is the food. They were very accommodating and made our party seemless. Thank you so much!
Mary K
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